Strict rules for the cannabis store

My city in addition to county has more rules regarding companies than other municipalities in our state.

Our water costs extra cash, the group of us can’t have nightclubs or restaurants with music that is too loud, in addition to there is an ever changing number of available liquor licenses too.

If you want to be a contractor owner around this place, you have a number of hoops to jump right out the gate. It’s not a matter of simply renting an area in a strip mall in addition to deciding to be a merchant seemingly overnight. You have to deal with the county commissioners in addition to the city council first. Some companies are approved pretty fast, while others have to go through an agonizing process for approval. When I was working as a reporter, I had to rest at county commission meetings a few times, in addition to it was challenging having to see people plead for permission to open their businesses. Despite our state legalizing medical marjuana with over 70% of voter approval, municipalities similar to our own have gone out of their way to make it especially taxing for marijuana companies to operate. It took quite a few years for medical marijuana companies to get building permits in this county; in addition to now that they have, they have to follow crazy rules like closing at 7pm each night in addition to staying closed every Tuesday as well. On top of that, they can’t be open past 12pm on Mondays, making it super hard to get cannabis on those days. If you aren’t up early on Monday in the day hours, you’ll be driving to an adjacent city or waiting until Tuesday to restock on cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Certifications