The local CBD products that I have tried don’t compare to the stuff on the internet

I used to be obsessed with the idea of buying locally.

  • It was probably after my initial experience at the farmers market here in town, because that’s when I quit buying produce from grocery store chains.

Going back to commercial fruits and vegetables after you’ve had locally grown goodness is really hard! There’s also optimal weather in this area for farming, making our produce even better. I can’t imagine ever going back to eating something different when I have had the best that money can buy in my community. However, there certainly are examples of things that aren’t always better in a local industry. Oranges cannot be grown in my area, so we have no choice but to import them from across the country. Hemp is ideally grown in environments that aren’t nearly as dry as mine, so it’s no wonder that many of the local CBD products that I have tried have paled in comparison to the hemp products on the internet. Some of it is indoor grown hemp flowers and the quality of the extracts made from these hemp flowers is beyond anything I’ve had previously. The high quality, indoor-grown hemp flower buds make really good CBD rosin. If you harvest the hemp flower buds and immediately flash-freeze them, you can make live rosin or live resin. With all of the options on the internet, it’s no wonder why so many people are becoming habitual CBD users. My grandparents buy CBD skin cream at their local pharmacy and use it for arthritis in their hands. I know a coworker whose epilectic child takes hemp products daily to manage their seizures. It’s amazing to see how far things have come with the CBD industry.


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