Waiting to get there

My friend and I went to the weed shop on the weekend after work was over.

I like to go to that particular weed shop, because they have a lounge.

When my buddies and I are done with work, the people I was with and I like to stay in the Cannabis Lounge for an hour or two. Traffic is awful on Sundays. When I do not have to drive back to the apartment in the middle of traffic, I am always much happier. When my friends and I found the cannabis shop and lounge, the people I was with and I were entirely happy and cheerful. All of us finally had a place to sit down and relax and smoke weed. The lounge has several couches and chairs and lots of comfortable locales to kneel and relax. There are a couple of flat screen TVs on the wall with cable cable channels. All of us get to watch athletic interests anytime the people I was with and I want. There are lots of locales for people to kneel and relax. The dispensary even offers deals on pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes every Sunday afternoon. The apartment blend pre-rolls are only ten each, instead of the normal fourteen each. Taxes are included and $10 for a 1 gram of marijuana joint is a great deal. Last weekend, my friends and I went to the lounge after labor on Sunday. There was an accident on the interstate and traffic was delayed for 2 hours. Instead of laying in my car during the traffic and in the overheated scorching sun, I sat in the comfort and cooling system of the cannabis shop and smoked a joint while I waited for their traffic to go away.

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