You must have food and snacks when you have the munchies

My roommate is driving me nuts… I truly love the guy, but he does not respect the things that are mine.

He ate my last bin of pretzels just the other day, while watching his television shows. The guy promised he would go to the store later in the day hours to actually replace the bin of pretzels. I did not get bent out of shape. He did not upgrade the pretzels as well and instead went to get some rest. I had the munchies later that evening after smoking a pretty good sized blunt. The marijuana joint made me want some pretzels for sure. I went to the cupboard thinking about the pretzels too. I basically forgot my roommate ate them. I got anxious as well as frustrated once more. I woke up my roommate by pounding my fist on the door a bunch of times. I was frustrated to a serious degree. I kept banging on the door until he was able to wake up at last. I informed the guy that I wasn’t going to put up with the lazy attitude any longer. If he was genuinely trying to continue being my roommate, he was going to have to make some fairly serious fluctuations. After I yelled at my roommate for a substantial amount of time, I went to the kitchen, smoked some additional marijuana as well as fell asleep completely. In the morning, I woke up all set to apologize to my roommate. I knew I was a little tough on the guy as well as I felt awful. I walked into the kitchen space as well as the guy was preparing some food to have for lunch. There was a fair amount of groceries on the table, including multiple bags of pretzels as well as the ice cream I love the most. My roommate did not seem entirely anxious about the outburst I had the previous evening. In fact, it seems as though I might have made my point altogether.

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