A great place for a cannabis shop

A good amount of my friends are not comfortable hanging out with seasoned people.

I honestly enjoy senior citizens, not only personally but professionally, as well! A majority of people I prefer to be with people their own age, and perhaps this stems from a fear of death. Being close to the elderly reminds them of their own mortality. Perhaps they just don’t enjoy the way seasoned people smell. It’s not very easy to say. I spend most of my time with the elderly these days, especially since I moved here to a small beachside retirement community to open up a small cannabis shop. As I said, I deal with senior citizens both personally and professionally, and I moved here because I felt a retirement community would be the most suitable location for a cannabis shop. My bank statement tells me I made the appropriate decision! These people may be old, but they have money and don’t mind paying for convenience, so in my estimation it’s the best possible spot for a cannabis shop. I happily make deliveries for no extra cost, because quite frankly I actually feel somewhat guilty charging as much as I do for cannabis. No one ever complains, they are all stoked to have access to so many weird flavors of cannabis. That is not even mentioning the edibles! Since so many purchasers have horrible lungs, I stock a wide array of cannabis and CBD infused edibles to meet their particular needs. I will confess to being a major fan of the edibles myself, and munching on a few of them all the time at work.

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