An aging body loves time in the cannabis dispensary

The truth be told, I’d probably still use recreational marijuana even if it wasn’t so therapeutic.

Thankfully, I don’t have to make that choice.

For me, cannabis products provide a number of benefits to my physical well being. I’m in my mid 70’s and am in pretty good shape. I took care of myself fairly well and didn’t let my appetites ruin my health. So I was able to stay fit and active when many of my peers were giving up for a life in the recliner. That wasn’t for me so I kept on keeping on. Yet, I also had to deal with the very real limitations that come with aging. The body, in most cases, simply wears down a bit and I’m no exception. The aches and pain were really starting to set me back and impinge on my lifestyle. One of my doctors suggested trying indica products to help me with managing those aches and pains. The indica strains for sale at the local cannabis spot were the first cannabis products I ever bought. I’d smoked some grass long ago so I sort of knew what I was doing. But the folks at the cannabis dispensary were so kind and helpful. I discovered that the indica products were remarkable with helping me manage pain and extend my range of motion. But it was the addition of some of the sativa products that really put it all over the top for me. I discovered a hopeful, positive perspective deep inside me that I knew was there. The sativa products simply bring it out more readily and for that, I’m quite thankful.

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