Business at the pizza joint picked up overnight

Online advertising as well as social media has changed the way people do business entirely.

Still, there is something to be said for the old school rules of business as well as advertising that can never be bested.

For example, take the adage “the three most pressing rules of business are location, location, location.” No matter how well you happen to advertise, your business being in the perfect spot is still more important. The success or failure of your business can be due to location! There is a local pizza parlor that was going out of business, until it moved locations as well as set up next to the cannabis shop. Almost overnight they started turning a profit, thanks to the proximity to the cannabis shop. Not only did they have more foot traffic passing by, however most of those people were blitzed on medical cannabis, and cannabis leads to the munchies, as well as now the pizza parlor was doing a great deal of business! I am guilty of this myself, because I don’t even enjoy pizza that much, however when I have a head full of cannabis as well as catch a whiff of that delightful stink, I just have to enjoy some for myself. Since the pizza parlor moved next door to the cannabis shop I have put on a number of pounds, as well as all of it is pizza weight. What I need to do is start using the cannabis delivery service, so I don’t have to head past that pizza locale any longer! In any event, I am happy for their success, as well as applaud their decision to move in next door to the cannabis shop… It no doubt saved their business for certain.


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