Finding relief and comfort at the cannabis dispensary

It’s such a huge weight off my shoulders to finally be able to manage my pain in a way that is actually working.

I was in a car accident several years ago that left me in need of several back surgeries.

And prior to find medical marijuana, I just didn’t have much hope of dealing with the results of my injury. Perhaps it’s true that once you have a back surgery, you’re in for several more. I don’t know for sure but that certainly seems to be fairly common. I would put all my efforts into rehabbing after surgery with all that physical therapy only to still have pain. The doctors sort of told me that his may just be the way it is. That’s hard to come to terms with really. And the fact that I was on all that pain medication was not helping. I could see how dependent I was getting even though I was trying so hard to be careful. I really didn’t want to become addicted to the pain meds. So I talked to my family doctor and got the process started for a medical marijuana card. That allowed me access to the cannabis dispensary in town. I really wasn’t so sure what I needed as I hadn’t done that much research on cannabis products and how they managed pain. Well, turns out I didn’t need to do much research since I was in great hands at the local cannabis spot. They took great care of me and got me the right sativa products along with the indica products. The combination has provided me with not only lasting relief but hope that I will be able to live a life going forward.

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