For senior citizens, cannabis is big business

Moving to this retirement community was the smartest business decision I ever made.

Of course, I don’t live in the actual community itself, just nearby.

The place has a strict age policy, and no one younger than 55 is allowed to live there. I am allowed to run my shop there, I just can’t buy one of their two thousand condos. This place is enormous, the size of a small town, right on the beach, so there are a lot of benefits to living here. The biggest benefit is that I run the only cannabis dispensary in town, and for senior citizens, cannabis is big business. I employ one of the locals as my cannabis delivery driver, and he rides around town on his three wheeler bicycle all day long. Pretty soon I will need to hire a second driver, because cannabis deliveries are getting more popular, and my guy is 84 years old and not getting any faster. The fact that my sales keep growing is not a problem at all, but does require some enhanced logistics to keep meeting the cannabis needs of my clients. Truth be told I wouldn’t even be mad at a second cannabis dispensary opening up nearby, I could use the help! Medical cannabis has been legal for a few years around here, but it is only now when the social stigma is starting to fade that business is picking up. Even just a few months ago, a lot of people were worried about being judged for smoking cannabis. Now it seems like everyone is doing it!
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