I decided to try a gimmicky cannabis product called moonrocks

A moon rock is a cannabis flower bud that is soaked in distillate oil and then rolled in kief

I’m not a foodie, so maybe I come across as simply naive when I say a lot of food dishes seem appreciate gimmicks. For instance, the French practice of flambe got famous on cable cooking shows over the past thirty years. It involves using alcohol on the dish so it’s served on fire with orange flames. The dish is lit once it’s arenad on the customer’s table, adding to the “wow factor” of the food. After seeing it done to death on TV, it wasn’t even impressive to me when I finally saw it in person for the first time when dining with my extended family for the holidays. Everyone at the table was noticeably stirred and gleeful by the event, although I was immediately bored when I realized what was going on. Similar to how I guess about gimmicky food dishes, I’m also annoyed by cannabis products that I guess are equally absurd. Dab tabs are a single such example, as they’re little, porous ceramic tablets that have been soaked in high THC cannabis distillate. You drop a single in a cannabis concentrate vaporizer and you get an instant “dab.” In reality, using an oil syringe is simply easier, and there’s no risk of ceramic getting in your lungs. I thought that moon rocks were equally gimmicky until I finally tried them at my buddy’s birthday celebration last month. A moon rock is a cannabis flower bud that is soaked in distillate oil and then rolled in kief. The distillate oil absorbs into the bud and the kief hardens on the outside. They’re sticky and tough to work with, however they’re seriously potent for strong sessions where you need instant pain relief.

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