I love shopping at the local cannabis spot

It’s not quite like Cheers the TV program.

  • But when I walk into the local cannabis spot, they all know me.

And many of the people who work there will actually call out my name. I think that’s pretty dang cool really. Perhaps I earned it though. When medical marijuana was first passed in our state, my local cannabis spot was the first cannabis dispensary to open near me. And since I was one of the first to hold a medical marijuana card, I was one of the very first patrons. That was some time ago. And thankfully, I’m no longer in need of medical marijuana as much as I was. For years, I treated anxiety and depression with every medication available. The results were beyond a mixed bag. For sure, I’m grateful that those meds kept me from choosing to end my life. But there were some real issues with efficacy and side effects. That’s why I was one of the first to get that medical marijuana card. Once I started using the sativa strains for sale, my emotional health finally got on track. It really didn’t take much of the cannabis products to alter my emotional balance for the good. Finally, I had found the key to managing my life with anxiety and depression. These days, I’m in the local cannabis spot a couple times a week. Less so to buy cannabis products and more to just bask in the great vibes that are always present at the local cannabis spot where everyone knows my name.



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