I read information about medical marijuana and I was intrigued

One of the most common uses for medical marijuana is pain control.

Medical marijuana is safe and legal in more than half of the country.

Medical marijuana can be used for a number of reasons, but nerve pain and severe chronic pain are the biggest reasons why doctors might prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. I was suffering from chronic pain for years before I found comfort with medical marijuana. I read information online and I spoke with my doctor about using medical marijuana as a treatment option. My doctor was hesitant to prescribe medical marijuana to treat pain, but it was legal and he reluctantly agreed. I had to go to a specialist, but the specialist helped me fill out all of the paperwork necessary so I could qualify for a medical marijuana card. I was totally intrigued after reading more information about medical marijuana. After I received my card in the mail, I went to a dispensary for the first time. I was extremely nervous. I honestly didn’t want anyone to see me go into the dispensary. I was worried that my friends and family would have negative opinions on the subject. I didn’t want the use of medical marijuana to affect my friendships or my social status. I kept it a secret for as long as possible before finally sharing that part of my personal life with everyone else. I absolutely picked the right time to break the news and it didn’t turn out to be a very big deal like I thought it might be. My friends didn’t seem to care.
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