I sent my mom a care package in the mail

I started using medical marijuana about five years ago.

The doctor suggested the product to help me with muscle spasms and anxiety.

I told my mom as soon as I was approved for medical marijuana. I was excited and enthusiastic. My mom did not share the same high hopes. She felt like I was doing drugs. It was hard to explain to my mom that medical marijuana wasn’t a drug. I spent a week with my mom last summer. While I was there, I used medical marijuana every single day. My mom started asking more and more questions. I could tell that she was intrigued. When I went back home, I decided to go to the dispensary to pick up a couple of items to send to my mom. I picked out a couple of different Edibles. I honestly didn’t see my mom smoking a joint. I got a pink shirt as well that is consumed orally. My mom was very surprised to receive the package in the mail. At first she said she wasn’t going to use any of the products. She changed her mind a couple of days later. She called to tell me that the medical marijuana products don’t work. My mom told me that she ate 2 of the 5 mg Edibles that morning. Instead of sleeping, she was filled with energy and spent the morning cleaning the house. I quickly reminded my mom that not all of that marijuana products would make her Tire. The 3 hour cleaning spree she performed that morning was likely a side effect from the marijuana products as well. Not all of the marijuana products are made to induce sleep. Some of them are actually created to give you energy and make you feel uplifted.

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