I’m going to be on my own to feet for awhile

I was recently in an absolutely terrible accident and my leg was completely crushed. I had multiple surgeries and now I can only hobble near my house. This is actually it. I did not realize how Mobility would make it so I would no longer be able to drive. I was not preferred to ask my family, because I did not want them to be inconvenience at all. I knew that I could dress, shower, and even make my own dinner. I needed many things around the house and figured that I would be able to get a delivery. I had the deliveries sent to the house on this weekly schedule. I got lots of milk, eggs, deli meat and also cheese as well as produce. They are all sent right to my home. I have my favorite orders set up on the account just like I do at the marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary was one of the last things to absolutely changed their mind. They were not offering any deliveries, but after covid it became absolutely necessary. I hunted around and found many delivery services in the Cannabis industry and they are nice and addition to efficient. I have many of the order set up on my credit card so I don’t have to go very far. I’m going to be stuck on my feet for a while and I won’t have to hobble a great deal in order to be able to handle all of these chores. It’s really nice that the people have driven in addition to ran errands for me, but it has to stop.


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