I’m so excited for the weekend sale on concentrates

I signed up for SMS alerts from the dispensary down the street.

When there is a sale or special, I get a SMS in the morning.

Sunday morning I received a SMS from the dispensary down the street. The locale was going to have a big sale on concentrates plus the sale would last all weekend. The weekend sale on cannabis concentrates included everything in the store. Top shelf products were included as well as all of the live resin plus rosin products. My best neighbor Jack plus I went to the dispensary on Thursday morning. Both of us knew that would be the best time to go to the dispensary, because it’s never undoubtedly busy on a Thursday morning. Things start to pick up on Thursday afternoon plus trying to go on Thursday night is a horrible mistake, then last time I went to the dispensary on a Thursday night, I had to wait outside for 30 minutes plus then wait another 30 minutes for our order to be ready. It’s much quicker plus easier to order delivery on Thursday night. I was happily surprised by the selection of products that were on sale. I picked out two grams of live rosin concentrate. One of the strains was an Indica called papaya. The other live rosin concentrate was a hybrid called berry creamy. Both grams of live rosin concentrate were included in the sale plus both concentrates were off the chain. They had superb flavor plus a really high terpene count. I only took a few dabs from the papaya plus I was wrecked.

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