It would be nice to have friends who also enjoy medical marijuana like I do

I should feel lucky to have friends at all these days, especially with the minimal effort that I put in on my end.

Some of my friends have legitimately gone out of their way to see me and spend time with me, but then I’ve rudely pushed them away in response.

Now that the pandemic is starting to slow down a little bit, I am trying to push myself to get out a lot more. I respond to all requests from friends, even if I’m not able to participate because of my working hours and responsibilities. As much as I love my friends, we share less in common now than we did when we all originally met each other in high school. We used to bond over watching college football or South Park, but these days I watch neither. Instead, I spend a lot of my free time watching documentaries and smoking weed. Sometimes I like to roll a joint of some dank flower buds I got from the medical marijuana dispensary so I can blast off while listening to Spotify playlists. Unfortunately, none of my friends from high school smoke weed. I started using cannabis in college, and those who I smoked with have moved back home or to different states altogether. It would be nice to know some people who I can enjoy weed with again. It was nice having everyone toss a nug of weed into the grinder before rolling a big joint or blunt that we would pass around. COVID has made it questionable to still engage in communal smoking, but you could pack a bowl in a glass pipe and sanitize the mouthpiece with a lighter before and after taking a hit. That way any germs on the mouthpiece are destroyed by the flame in the lighter.
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