Making the most of our marijuana shopping excursion

My wife and I watched with amazement as first medical marijuana was legalized out west. This was a tipping point of sort for us. It seemed like there was a clear signal that some government somewhere would approach cannabis sensibly. This was a moment that we had long awaited and had been pulling for. From there, it was just more joy as medical marijuana evolved into legal recreational marijuana. We were right about there being a tipping point when medical marijuana was legalized all those years ago. So it was with great joy that we witnessed recreational marijuana being legalized in our neighboring state. Our state had yet to even recognize medical marijuana but I think the next election cycle will change all of that. However, we could now drive just 3 hours to the closest cannabis dispensary in the neighboring state. So that was quite exciting. And we decided to just make a long weekend out of it. My wife booked us a room in a nice hotel and we started to peruse the different restaurants. I mean, what’s a marijuana for sale excursion without plenty of good eats right? It’s funny just how totally excited we were to be doing this. It was as though we were back in our collegiate days and taking off for a camping trip with a bag of sativa. Still, the highlight of the trip was the cannabis dispensary. I thought it would be enough just to buy weed legally. That was before I got a load of the vast array of cannabis products in that place!


Marijuana delivery