My older family members prefer oral use of cannabis over inhalation and smoking

I have always spent a lot of time around the elders in my family, even at family gatherings when my cousins and siblings were around to play with.

I loved hearing old stories from the time of their youth and how much the world has changed in the time since. Several generations of my family were corn and wheat farmers, all working in the same general area in this small town and its rural suburbs. I’m really proud of my family and everything they provide for my siblings, cousins, and I. We all had jobs, food, friends, love, and support whenever we needed it. Even though many of my family members are politically conservative, that doesn’t mean they’re opposed to marijuana. In fact, many of my older relatives are medical marijuana patients. Instead of inhaling marijuana through smoking or vaping, they all tend to stick with routes of administration like oral consumption and topical creams. The pain relieving effects of cannabis edibles like RSO are well documented among users of all ages and demographics. Even people with good health will attest to the strong and intense effects of RSO compared to other edibles. I know that my older family members are particularly fond of RSO and cannabis tinctures that can be placed under the tongue. At least they’re able to find a way to enjoy cannabis without putting it in their lungs. I know some people who have COPD and no matter how many different vaporizers they try at various heat settings, they simply cannot inhale cannabis without coughing themselves to death. They prefer oral consumption of cannabis as well.

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