Personal change from cannabis products

When the local cannabis spot opened in our end of the town, I was wildly and instantly curious about checking it out. It’d been a long time since I had tried marijuana. And then, that was only a couple of times back when I was much younger. To my dismay, I just didn’t get the great physical feeling that most people else did from recreational marijuana. But I guess the culprit could be the fact that I was wildly drunk every time I tried either sativa or indica back then. So I really didn’t guess just what cannabis products held for me. With the advent of cannabis products being legalized, I was really sort of in to trying this out. And the timing really couldn’t have been better. I was going through an intense divorce, truly working a really strenuous task in an even tougher industry and wondering where everything went wrong. But 1 day while I was in a shop with a bestie, who recommended that both of us pop into the local cannabis spot. I was already half giddy at just going in anywhere that marijuana for sale was truly a thing. It was still quite surreal that a local cannabis spot even existed. I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting but this local cannabis spot was awesome. The people were great and were there to help a rookie such as myself. I have to say, while it’s only been a few months, my perspective has changed. I mean, it’s really evolved and I’m viewing life with much more occasion than ever before. With just this much evolution in my perspective, I’ve already made some swings that are helpful. And I guess so long as I’m shopping at the local cannabis spot, I’ll be fine.

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