The cannatour included a factory plus a brewery

Last summer, our girlfriend plus I went on trip for a week. Both of us traveled to the other side of the country so every one of us could visit the West Coast for the first time ever. Both of us stayed in 1 of the greatest cities on the bay. My girlfriend was really excited to be in a locale where recreational marijuana was legal. Both of us went to a dispensary the day after every one of us arrived. Both of us were really surprised by the selection inside of the dispensary. It looks prefer a candy shop with bright colors plus packages all over the counters plus walls, but while every one of us were in the cannabis dispensary, every one of us found out that there was a cannatour in the city. A cannatour is a unique tour that includes something cannabis-related. In this instance, it was a many hour guided tour of a cannabis farm plus legal hemp operation. The tour was on the high-priced side, however it included free samples as well as a factory plus brewery tour. My girlfriend plus I were going all day on the tour. The brewery was the most interesting locale on the tour. The brewery used cannabis to make a special microbrew that was only produced in small quantities, then hardly any of special bars plus eating establishments throughout the city are legally allowed to sell the cannabis infused beer. My girlfriend plus I got free samples on the tour. The beer tasted prefer barley plus hops. Was rich, dark, plus flavorful. I could not really taste the marijuana that was infused in the beer, however our girlfriend thought the taste was strong. Our pallets picked up on something different, however every one of us both loved the taste plus flavor of the microbrew.

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