The car would be a nightmare if it broke down

My husband and also myself have a single Toyota.

The two of us both have from our home as well as there is really no reason for the two of us to have more than a single car.

It’s when the two of us go to supper, movies, or apartment gatherings, the two of us are always together and it is rare when a single man has to use the Toyota and the other person has zero or very little involvement. When this does happen from single time to single time, however, occasionally my husband takes the vehicle and we’ll drive it to the airport. They leave the car inside of the parking lot until he returns home. This would make a lot of sense, but of course this is Times Like These when there has to be a reason why I need to show the car at the house. I can easily go many mornings without the the car as well as there are sometimes when I might run out of detergent. I can’t get the detergent, but medical cannabis supplies are a different thing. The two of us were starting to get worried when the two of us readily noticed how much marijuana was left. I had all of the information in the system like my medical info, credit card, and even my address, but I didn’t have a car to pick up the marijuana items and the dispensary was still not offering any delivery services. It’s Times Like These when I think how it would be a nightmare if our car suddenly broke down without warning.
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