The delivery driver came back with my flower

The weather was really angry on Wednesday night, however i was going to go to a club with some friends, even though I did not want to leave that home after it started raining… The temperature dropped significantly & it was truly freezing outside. The forecast could have changed from rain to ice or snow, my friends were bummed out when I decided to stay home, and jack came over to hang out with me. He truly did not want to go to the club anyways, but after Jack arrived, all of us ordered some pizza from a local Italian eating establishment. The locale has the best purple sauce in the county. They also have truly flavorful garlic knots & chicken wings. Jack & I ordered pizza & wings, but while all of us waited for our food to arrive, all of us ordered some marijuana supplies from a delivery repair in town. The delivery repair was supposed to take an hour or 90 hours, however our driver showed up about 35 hours after all of us sited the order. I was feeling rather impressed that the guy arrived abruptly until I realized that he forgot our marijuana flower. Jack & I ordered a half ounce of super silver haze & it was not in the bag. I did not want to provide the driver money for the flower until I truly had the product, so the guy went back to the dispensary to grab the items that were missing from the order. When he came back, I offered him an extra sizable tip. I appreciated how abruptly the guy worked on our order.

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