The delivery driver didn't have change for 100

My roommate and I ordered marijuana supplies from a dispensary.

It was a dark and very night.

It was raining on and off and the weather was colder than usual. I didn’t want to leave the apartment, so I made the suggestion to contact the dispensary and have our items delivered. The dispensary does not charge a fee for the delivery service, but it is customary to tip the driver. I usually give the guy five or six bucks for my order. I’m not that far from the dispensary and it’s not a difficult drive or walk to our apartment. Jack and I ordered $200 worth of supplies from the marijuana shop. We had to pay for the order with cash. Jack and I had three $100 bills to pay for our order. The cannabis dispensary delivery driver did not have enough change to break the third $100 bill. I was dumbfounded when the guy suggested we give him a larger tip. I felt like he was trying to shake us down. Since the driver didn’t have change for the third $100 bill, we decided to cancel some items in the order. When the order was at 197, we stopped. The driver only got a $3 tip, but he should have remembered to bring change. That was a rookie mistake on the driver’s part and it cost him a couple of bucks in his tip. Delivery drivers have to make change with ones and fives with each order they deliver. There’s absolutely no reason to leave the store without money in your hands.

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