The former skating rink is now a weed shop

As a teenager, there was a time when I used to live for my time at the neighborhood skating rink.

Honestly, it wasn’t just a skating rink.

Of course, there was also bowling, foosball, a rock climbing wall, and a video arcade. There was a very small counter to pick up pizza slices and drinks, too… Essentially I would spend all my free time, and all my money, at this place, and I still have awesome memories of it. The place has been closed for quite some time, until recently when some person bought it to convert into an Adult Playground. There is still bowling and foosball, however now there is also a bar and a weed shop. With an outdoor smokers lounge where the go kart track was in the past, and once again, this place has started eating up all my actual cash and all my free time, because rolling up a huge joint of Blue Dream and bowling is for me the closest to heaven! I can actually order a beer and a gram of quality cannabis, and then just relax and go walking around the complex having fun for a long while. I don’t really understand why nobody thought of doing this before? There are servers who will take your order for you, or you can meander right into the pressing weed shop and take a look around for yourself. They claim to have over three hundred entirely unique strains of cannabis, despite the fact that I have never bothered to count all the products they have. As many wonderful times as I used to have here as a kid, it easily doesn’t compare to the adult experience of games, drinks, and cannabis… It’s possible that I might see you there!

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