The neighbor was outside smoking pot again

During the winter months, the weather is usually mild.

It does not get too cold in this part of the country.

I rarely use the heat pump unless the temperature drops below 40 degrees. I have a small space heater in my bedroom and I use the space heater whenever possible to keep the electric bills as low as they can. I love to sleep with the windows open when the weather is clear and try. Last weekend I was sleeping with the window open and I was woken up by a strange and odd smell in my bedroom. At first, I thought something in that house was on fire. I smelled a lot of smoke. I got up from bed and started walking around the house. I was trying to pinpoint the foul odor, but I was unsuccessful. I went back to the bedroom and I decided to close the window. When I got close to the window, I realized that the odor was coming from outside. I looked down below my window and I saw my neighbor smoking marijuana. The guy was outside on his porch, which is right below my window. The odd and bizarre smell was the stench of marijuana. I didn’t say anything to my neighbor, because he was outside and following the rules. I simply closed the window and went back to sleep. Now that I know the neighbor smokes marijuana, I’ll need to be more careful when I open up the window at night. I honestly can’t stand the stench of marijuana and it makes me want to throw up.


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