The senior community brings big business to the cannabis profession

Moving to this retirement community was the finest business decision I ever made.

Of course, I don’t live in the actual community itself, just nearby, but the site has a fairly strict age policy.

No one younger than 55 is permitted to live there, however I am allowed to run my shop there, I just can’t buy one of their many condos. This site is honestly enormous, the size of a small town, right on the beach, so there are a tremendous amount of benefits to residing here. The most amazing benefit is that I run the only cannabis shop in town, and for senior citizens, cannabis is rather big business. I employ one of the locals as my cannabis delivery driver, and she rides around town on her bicycle all day long. Pretty soon I will need to hire another driver, because cannabis deliveries are actually becoming more popular, and my girl is 84 years old and not getting any faster. The fact that my sales keep growing is not a complication at all, however does require some enhanced logistics to keep meeting the cannabis needs of my regular customers. Truth be told I wouldn’t even be angry about another cannabis dispensary opening up nearby, I could use the assistance! Medical cannabis has been legal for numerous years around here, however it is only now when the social stigma is starting to fade that actual business is picking up! Even just a few weeks ago, a bunch of people were anxious about being judged for smoking cannabis products… Now it seems basically like everyone is doing it!

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