The youngsters these days don’t know anything about old school cannabis

My kid Bella came back to the household from college for Spring break, plus brought a few of her buddies along… That was superb by me, because we have a good amount of space here.

Since the household overlooks a lake, there were plenty of good times to be had for the enjoyable students.

I expected there to be a great deal of drinking plus pot smoking, however the youngsters were particularly chill. When I was in college, Spring break basically was an excuse to get wrecked, booze it up, plus smoke a good amount of cannabis, however I suppose youngsters these days are different. By the seventh day I came to realize that the college youngsters were indeed getting high, just not with any kind of cannabis I had seen in the past. I knew about vaping, of course, plus was easily experienced with edibles, however I didn’t know there were a bunch of odd ways to get high! Modern day cannabis shops seem to specialize in everything except superb old fashioned marijuana buds. Most of what they sell doesn’t smell anything like cannabis at all, plus to me the smell is the most wonderful part! I found out the college youngsters were all taking cannabis oil, plus getting a nice mellow buzz without smelling up the locale with cannabis smoke. I invited them to “get old school” with me, plus brought out my old water bong, plus a fat sack of real cannabis buds. Sometimes the old ways are the finest ways, plus I took it upon myself to teach these college youngsters the easiest, plus most enjoyable, way to use cannabis. It was a rather memorable Spring break!

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