Trying cannabis to help stomach concerns

I don’t like to admit I have IBS, then i correctly claim that I am lactose intolerant, then what I do is limit particular foods in my diet.

  • I don’t eat a lot of dairy, however foods high in lactose like milk and ice cream are chop from my diet.

I also don’t eat meat, greasy foods or a lot of sugar. I make it a priority to work out and stretch everyday too, however even with this, I still experience stomach concerns. I get cramps, my stomach makes horrible noises and I run to the lavatory. It is the most painful thing in the world. I literally brace my hands on the wall and sweat. I have read online that people rely on cannabis when they have stomach concerns. I occasionally experience nausea with my stomach concerns and cannabis helps with that as well; The last thing I want to do is consume something. So that leaves me with vaping cannabis oil. I don’t vape everyday but I do when I am being risky when I eat! Anytime I am about to eat out I vape right before the meal. I take some tums, beano and pepto with me as well. I figure the combination of all those things should help me. I have been able to decrease the amount of stomach flare ups I experience now that I use cannabis. I don’t tell people I am a marijuana user. They would want to know what it is for and I don’t truly want to admit it is due to diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramps.

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