You have to appreciate some good old school cannabis sometimes

My child Lisa chose to come back to our property from school for Spring break, plus brought a few of her good friends along.

I was okay with that, because all of us have plenty of room here.

Since the property overlooks a lake, there were plenty of awesome times to be had for the relaxing students. I expected there to be a substantial amount of drinking plus pot smoking, but the girls were undoubtedly pretty chill. When I was in school, Spring break was essentially an excuse to get wrecked, drink it up, plus smoke copious amounts of cannabis. I suppose girls today are different, however by the sixth afternoon I noticed that the school girls were truly getting high, just not with any kind of cannabis I had used during my days. I knew about vaping, of course, plus was undoubtedly experienced with edibles, however I wasn’t aware of the fact that there were so many unusual ways to get high! Modern afternoon pot shops seem to specialize in everything except for nice old fashioned marijuana buds. A fair amount of what they sell doesn’t smell anything like cannabis at all, plus to me the aroma is the most superb part! I found out the school girls were all partaking of cannabis oil, plus getting a nice mellow buzz separate from stinking up the locale with smoke. I invited them to “get old university” with me, plus brought out my water bong, plus a nice sack of true cannabis! There are certainly times when the old ways are the most amazing ways, plus I took it upon myself to teach these school girls the best way to use cannabis products. It was an undoubtedly memorable Spring break!


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