All of the gummies were only $2 each

My friends and I planned to go hiking on Tuesday afternoon, so we decided to go to the marijuana dispensary on Tuesday evening to pick up a couple of weird products, however there is no smoking allowed inside of the park where our friends and I plan to go hiking, then we did not want to get caught smoking marijuana while we were hiking, so we bought a disposable vape pen.

The vape pen is virtually odorless and difficult to detect.

We know this was the best way to hide marijuana from any of the park rangers. We went to a dispensary that usually has good prices on their cannabis concentrate products. The evening our friends and I went to the dispensary to pick out supplies, they were having a substantial sale on all of the single dose gummies. The single dose gummies are usually $5 each, then on that certain evening, all of the gummies were only $2 each. The gummies only have 10 mg of THC, but they were priced to transfer at $2 each… I bought 10 of the root heineken flavored candies, then jack bought 5 apple and 5 yellow apple, and John bought a couple of the tea flavored gummies. I have tried all of the flavors except the tea flavor. I was curious to find out what our friends thought about that certain flavor, but she tried the tea flavored gummy as soon as we got out to the car. The look on her face was all I needed to know. The tea flavor was clearly meant to stay on the shelf.

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