Couldn’t deliver the cannabis products thanks to the guy at the door

My mom & dad ended up getting a divorce when I was a youngster & I lived with my mom for a long period of time.

I did not get to see my dad all that much, but when I became an adult, I made the choice to travel to the city environment to live with my dad.

As soon as I got to the city, he insisted that I get a job immediately. I started working at a fast food eating establishment, but I applied at many bizarre sites. One of those sites happened to be a pot shop. I had to find a job quickly & I did not have time to wait for the most suitable job. When the pot shop called me for an interview, I went for the opportunity. I interviewed with the manager & she seemed to like me a lot. Sadly, she wasn’t the only person in charge of hiring workers for the job. I had to meet with the district supervisor as well. That meeting wasn’t bad either, & the manager provided me a job finally working as a delivery person. I did not have a car, but the marijuana delivery service allowed me to utilize my moped since most of the orders were in the city. A few weeks after I started the job, I had a pretty interesting & bizarre encounter with a hotel doorman. One of the residents who were at the hotel ordered items from the marijuana delivery service. The doorman wasn’t going to let me into the building though to make the delivery. Even when I gave the guy the name of the person & the room number, he still tried to tell me that I was fraudulently trying to get into the building.

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