Didn’t expect an owl to hang around watching us smoke weed

My awesome friends and I shared a totally cool experience last weekend. Every one of us went camping to celebrate Earth Day. Every one of us took the tents, sleeping bags, and lanterns out to the national park and the bunch of us spent numerous days hiking and rock climbing. Rock climbing is a single of our most enjoyed activities. It can be especially dangerous, but my awesome friends and I are as careful as possible. Every one of us always wears safety equipment and the bunch of us never climb alone. Every one of us only climbs the approved places in the park, so the bunch of us can be rescued if there is an emergency. Every one of us had a great deal of ropes, harnesses, and other climbing materials. All of the climbing items were in a small pup tent located next to our larger tent. My awesome friends and I sat inside of the tent and smoked marijuana while in the daytime hours. Every one of us did not want anyone to actually notice us smoking. At night, the bunch of us rested outside and did not have to be bothered about anyone seeing us using recreational marijuana. Every one of us had a truly cool and interesting experience with an owl. The owl was resting on a tree branch on the south side of our campsite. The owl seemed to be seriously intrigued by the bunch of us. The owl sat and watched us for the course of the night. Even when the bunch of us started smoking recreational marijuana, the owl did not seem fazed too much. In fact, after the bunch of us started using recreational marijuana, the owl moved to a lower tree branch with a closer view of our campfire. It was actually a single of the most awesome experiences that I have ever had with an animal like that in the forest.


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