Four dispensaries in our area, plus none of them have what I want.

It was late afternoon when i realized that i was out of medical marijuana gummies that was 79% CBD, plus I needed them to sleep.

I was to nearly every dispensary in our area plus none of them had a clue what i was talking about; Last Spring, when i went to visit our sister’s in ME, she gave me this amazing flavored marijuana gummy plus I found ‌it helped me get to sleep ‌easily.

I slept relaxing that week, and ever since, I have been having our sister send me marijuana gummies so that i could sleep. When she was put in the hospital plus could no longer send them, i hoped that a single of the medical marijuana dispensaries would have at least more than one or many types of medical marijuana gummies that could get through the nights. I was on a mission to find the medical marijuana gummies I had when in ME, however it was proving fruitless. After searching for almost a week, I was getting upset. I was heading into a greater city hoping a single of their medical marijuana dispensaries could help me get our gummies. Instead, I got the same answer. There were no medical marijuana gummies available because it was illegal to sell medical marijuana gummies. I could purchase the RSO in 4:1, plus make gummies at home, but I could not purchase them. Had someone told me that was the case a week ago, I would not have wasted so much time, plus simply found a recipe using RSO medical marijuana, plus I would not have gone all over the state.

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