I fell for the trick of “cured resin oil” from a dubious dispensary before finding a good one

I hate those “as seen on TV” products because I have always been burned in the past when giving one a chance.

There was this special garden hose that I bought a number of years ago that was advertised to immediately retract on itself once it fully drained with water. This seemed like a cool gimmick until I had to keep untangling it from itself to get the hose to work. When the leaks began, I realized I bought a terrible product. I think I threw it away and then I headed to the nearest hardware store and willingly bought a more expensive hose to get a product I knew I could trust. That’s the issue with marketing and advertising in general, there’s an implied veil of trustworthiness that crumbles whenever the company sees fit. I haven’t seen this in any industry more than I have with legal cannabis. You’ll see these “new” products that have names that consist of portions of existing products. One dispensary was selling “cured resin oil” cartridges and it turned out to be a fancy name for distillate oil. Actual “cured resin” is a hydrocarbon extract that is high in terpenes, and that’s vastly different from distillate. I wasted a lot of money on these cannabis oil vaporizer cartridges before I found a better dispensary. This one actually carries live rosin cartridges, and the flavor is absolutely unparalleled compared to any other cannabis oil cartridge on the market. Needless to say, these cannabis products are not cheap and I can’t afford to get them all of the time and use them throughout the day. I save these jars for special occasions and rainy days.

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