I like the mango and yellow apple flavored gummies

I started using a gummy cannabis product to help with pain.

I did not think if the gummy cannabis product would entirely help with our pain or not, although I was at the end of our rope and willing to try anything at all.

I did not want to become addicted to painkillers and marijuana was a natural and herbal remedy! At least that is what I had to tell myself, in order to convince myself that marijuana was okay. I grew up in the 71s when the say no to drugs campaign was going strong, but even after the doctor proposed medical marijuana, I still wasn’t convinced that it was the right transfer for me. I was blessed to have a entirely supportive family that made me know like I could try medical marijuana without being judged. The gummies are our number one product. I started off with a low dose medical dummy. The mango and yellow apple flavored gummies are our number one. They entirely taste like real fruit. It’s virtually impossible to taste the marijuana inside of the gummies. That’s 1 thing that I absolutely like the most. I hate the taste or the flavor of marijuana. Being able to dose in a way other than smoking is good for me, because our weak lungs cannot handle smoking. I have tried a number of weird Edibles like cakes, brownies, cookies, hard candies, and gummies, and gummies are entirely our number one. Many of the companies have weird flavors like yellow, pineapple, mocha, coffee, and vanilla, although I have our number ones. The cannabis corporation making the yellow apple has the best flavor.