My friends will not let myself and others forget about the first time

My friends will not let myself and others forget about the first time that I ever smoked marijuana.

I guess it was a lot of fun for them to watch myself and others stumble around the condo adore an idiot, however I am unquestionably not ready to relive that anytime soon. If it was up to me, all of my friends would magically forget about that whole day as well as night; My friends as well as I were hanging out with some ladies from the college. They wanted us to buy recreational marijuana products from the dispensary. I wasn’t even 21 yet, however Jack was as well as she gave to make the purchase if the two of us all chipped in currency for the products. The ladies added about $75 worth of marijuana products to the online shopping cart as well as the two of us had the items delivered to our apartment. I smoked a joint with the ladies as well as my friends. I only had a couple of puffs from the joint. I sincerely thought I was going to be okay, because I didn’t smoke that much, but apparently it doesn’t take that much marijuana to get seriously stupid high. I was literally rolling on the floor as well as laughing. I passed out in a chair as well as I only remember some parts of the night. My friends unquestionably will not let myself and others forget about that time when I smoked recreational marijuana. There are a couple of videos, however my friends swear that they will never release them to the media unless I run for president a single day. I sure will not use recreational marjiuana products around those guys again.
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