My hours were cut after it was found I smoke medical cannabis

My employer cut my hours at my workplace plus I think that medical marijuana is the reason why.

  • There was a rumor going around the office that I was using recreational drugs.

The boss called me into her office plus started asking questions. I honestly didn’t want to lie, so I just disclosed the fact that I was in fact a medical marijuana user. I had a legal prescription from my medical professional plus I never used medical marijuana while I was at work. My boss seemed upset when I told her the truth of the matter. I absolutely did not think that she could punish me since the medical professional prescribed medical marijuana to me. Well, as it turns out, my boss can do anything that she wants, and about 3 weeks after the incident occurred, my hours at the office were cut in half. I was a full-time employee for approximately 3 years, toiling 40 hours every week. After the incident with medical marijuana, my hours were cut down to 24 hours each week. I no longer qualify for any full-time benefits such as Vision, Dental, PTO, or holiday pay. When I saw the schedule, I was fairly frustrated. I made an appointment to speak with my boss. The girl told me that she had to cut back on some employees plus I was just very unfortunate. There’s absolutely no way that can be the truth. I spoke with a lawyer plus I spoke with the human resources department. There absolutely isn’t anything that can be done unless I have real plus actual proof that marijuana was the reason for the cut back in my hours.


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