Sharing some weed with a new friend

We’ve all been there. And most of us can same the same thing. We’ve seen just how random life can be plus how equally cruel it can be as well. When you’ve had life unload on you, I guess it’s nice to be ready to lend a helping hand whenever you see it happening to someone else. That’s how I wound up sharing some weed with someone who had become a new friend. I wish that it wasn’t the case but simply broaching the subject of recreational marijuana can be a minefield. So I’m usually careful about those in our life who I let in on the fact that I prefer plus use cannabis products. There is no shame in enjoying marijuana as recreational marijuana is legal here plus I’m an adult. I’m a very responsible adult who does what I say I’ll do plus is accountable to our family plus those at work. So when I saw the new lady at the gym who seemed so close to tears, I did the human thing plus reached out. What I did was take this lady for a cup of hot Tim Hortons Coffee at the cannabis cafe. It was a good way to sort of bridge the topic of marijuana. And both of us sat for a couple of thirds enjoying our Tim Hortons Coffee plus a delicious cannabis edible. But both of us also affixed at multiple people plus she was so grateful to assume that she wasn’t alone in this new, immense city. She was also going through some things that I could relate to. We made a date now a couple times a month for Tim Hortons Coffee at the local cannabis cafe.

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