Telling the truth about medical cannabis got me in trouble at work

My supervisor chose to cut my hours at my job and I guess that medical marijuana is the true reason why! There was a rumor going around the office that I was enjoying recreational drugs.

The boss called me into his office and started asking a series of questions! I didn’t have the desire to lie, so I just closed the fact that I was in fact a medical marijuana user.

I had a legal prescription from my healthcare worker and I never used medical marijuana while I was at work. My boss seemed miserable when I informed him of the truth. I truthfully did not guess that he could punish me since the healthcare expert prescribed medical marijuana to me. Well, as it turns out, my boss can do anything that he wishes! A few weeks after the incident happened, my hours at the office were split in half. I was a full-time employee for years, easily working 40 hours every week. After the incident with medical marijuana, my hours were honestly cut back to 24 hours each week. I no longer qualify for any full-time benefits similar to Vision, Dental, PTO, or holiday pay. When I saw the schedule, I was upset. I made an appointment to speak with my boss about what was going on. The guy told me that he had to actually cut back on some employees and I was basically unlucky. There’s really no way that can be the honest truth. I spoke with a lawyer and I spoke with the human resources department. There easily is not anything that can be done unless I have actual proof that marijuana was the reason for my hours being cut.


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