The pot shop usually has awesome deals

Fridays are a relaxing day to go to the pot shop. All day the dispensary offers 20% off marijuana flower plus concentrates. From 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m., you can acquire an additional 15% off flower if you go to the store instead of using the delivery serviceā€¦ I usually buy my marijuana flower plus concentrates on Fridays. I think the pot shop gets a shipment on Thursdays or Fridays, because they consistently have wonderful products available on Fridays. The stackable discounts essentially mean a total of 35% off all marijuana flower products. The savings allows myself and others to go for a more extravagant product for the same price as the lower tier. Just the other month I picked up a Girl Scout cookies strain that had 29% thc. The half ounce of marijuana was less than $100 even after the taxes were added. While I was at the pot shop, I picked up a couple of additional products. This month I got some edibles that happened to be on sale. There was a representative from one of the edible companies in the store. They were handing out free 100 mg samples of their product with any purchase that was made. My purchase did not even have to be from their product line. I scored a few free edibles with the actual purchase of our marijuana flower products. I did not particularly care for the flavor to be honest, which was a mixture of pineapple plus habanero. I wasn’t going to complain since they were no cost to me, however I really wouldn’t spend money for products like that. The pineapple flavor was not terrible, however the heat from the peppers was completely too much.

Purple haze