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Getting on a better path

There is no doubt who is responsible for the shape I am in. That would be me. I am looking at myself out of shape and not being healthy. However, I am seeing results in getting back to being fit with a more holistic approach to my life. This includes a stop at the marijuana […]

What is good for my health

I just adore the concept of a plant that grows in the wild. It is totally free and natural. It is a weed, but good for my health. That weed is legal cannabis. And it has had an enormous impact on both my physical plus emotional health. What makes it even more amazing is the […]

No more compartmentalizing

I really like to start compartmentalizing everything. There has been a box for my office job or my schooling. There was a box for family as well as another for friends. And on as well as on it went. Then it occurred to me that I do this simply to keep all of these manageable […]

Just what I was looking for

I’m shifting guidelines after years as well as years of a seemingly endless path. Though I suppose there is for sure a place for modern medicine in my life, I just have lost confidence in those kinds of things. Next, I have found a good deal of help using legal cannabis to treat my emotional […]

I can get passed the pain now

When I was much just a boy, I thought that I was made of steel. There wasn’t a thing in the world that could touch me. I felt this way because I had suffered broken bones, fractures and other setbacks in my life. That all came to an end when I faced chronic pain. But […]

Can manage my life with medical cannabis

There I found alike individuals who knew the odd types of cannabis products that would task particularly for me It’s amazing that something so natural like medical marijuana can do what other medicines simply couldn’t do. I have pretty horrible anxiety that comes with a good amount of depression. My parents thought I was just […]

Road to recovery is easier with cannabis

I never thought I was as sensitive as I am. The plan that something like a bad accident could end up harming myself and others in such a profound way just didn’t factor. And then it happened to me. I’m just lucky to have medical cannabis products to help see myself and others through my […]

A good diet plan now

I feel the depression from having an eating disorder can be nearly as awful as the physical harm it will cause to your body. Until I found medical marijuana, I lived in shame and a cycle of abuse that was killing me. Much of my situation has to do with a body image problem I’ve […]

I can fight multiple sclerosis now

For a long time, I just didn’t feel like myself. It was as if I had worked out way too much, not gotten much sleep plus just was completely out of sorts. So I went to the doctor to see what was happening. I described my symptoms and the doctor did some check ups on […]

Soy allergy relief with cannabis

There isn’t much worse than to be forever dealing with my tummy and the other symptoms of a soy allergy. It’s just such a limiting thing. And the pain is awful at times. I have done all the diet changes and have taken the meds for years now. I also read products carefully. While there […]