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Med card

Dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder is aggravating in addition to relenting. I witnessed the passing of multiple close family members during a freak accident at a family party. I just haven’t been the same since, in addition to it has made it hard for me to hold down superb tasks where I have a lot […]

I enjoy the shopping experience

There is just something about shopping that I really enjoy. And perhaps I’m being a completely stereotypical girl here. But since I was a young girl, going shopping has been perhaps one of my favorite things. My mom and I would get dressed up and shop all day. We would have lunch afterwards and look […]

Helping with the inflammation in my body

Having never been seriously injured before, I actually had no clue just how taxing physical therapy and healing would be. Really, I have spent my life thinking that I was basically going to be feeling good and healthy. Oh the joys of being young. Now that I am older, that is not the case. Yet […]

What to pick

This is all sort of new to me. Other than using recreational pot a few times in my early 20s, I didn’t actually know much about marijuana items. I studied cannabis a superb deal in an effort to sort of learn to understand and which sort of cannabis products would be best for me. When […]

Able to live my own life

My eldest daughter, who is nearly 35, is dealing with similar feelings. To say that I have led a typical life would be putting it mildly. I have been a rule follower my whole life. Having grown up in a strict religious home, I think I was terrified of ever thinking for myself. So it […]

The anxiety is way less

I learned more about sativa and finally took my neighbor up on a visit to the cannabis dispensary The world I see is genuinely unique from most others. This is due to the fact that for as long as I can think on, I have dealt with crippling anxiety and depression. However, with the use […]

All creative with cannabis

There was a time in my life when my art was my focus and only love. I even started out in college as a straight up art major. Sadly, I allowed parents, relatives and others to get in my ear. I changed my major to computer design so I could get a superb task. Well, […]

Brother is a big smoker now

You don’t know my brother, even though he is like an old school kind of guy. When I was a kid he served with the Army for a few years, and now he still has the haircut and keeps it every Thursday afternoon! He has very little hair left at this point, but he still […]

It is a great experience

I have a new spot to eat, and I have to tell you about it. As soon as the neighborhood started to open up once more, I went to eat at as many sites as I could. This was partially for our own appetite, but also to help support the local economy. So many sites […]