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Cannabis and acne assistance

I have a cream that has CBD in it that treats my acne I will admit that I am a little nutty when it comes to my skin. I am very acne prone and I fight breakouts on a daily basis. I don’t eat meat, eggs, sugar or milk due to how it affects my […]

Cannabis is too good to ignore

It really is shocking to me how long it has taken our country to rely on cannabis. People have been using cannabis in the olden days. Way back in the 1500s it was used in religious ceremonies and for medical purposes. Research had been done on the medical properties of the plant way back in […]

Cannabis concentrates

I started messing around with different ways to take in cannabis. I have smoked flower and oil before. I have also tried every edible and topical product around. I found that cannabis concentrates are a hardcore, experienced cannabis user thing to do. At first I was a little intimidated because that requires a rig system […]

Vaping is a much better way for me

I was a cannabis flower guy for a very long time. I smoked through a bowl, bong or bought pre-rolls at the cannabis dispensary near me. The process to get to smoking my cannabis was long and tiring though. I also didn’t like that I created fumes and smells like cannabis whenever I smoked. It […]

Cannabis delivery makes things easier

Delivery is the most amazing thing in the entire world. I love that I no longer have to come in person to pick up my products. I have gotten everything I can set to be delivered. I love picking out all my groceries online and having them sent to me. I no longer need to […]

Helping my sore muscles out

I have always been extremely active. As a child I did multiple sports like hockey, tennis, soccer and football. In college I was on the soccer team and played pick up games in my spare time. As an adult I work out seven days a week for at least an hour. I will go for […]

Taking mom to the cannabis dispensary

My mother is in her 70s and is quite mobile. She still does yardwork, cleans her house and drives her own car. She works out and stretches everyday. Even though my mother is still quite active and spry, she does suffer some limitations. She has real trouble with arthritis, especially in her hips. My mother […]

So many ways to dose with cannabis

For anxiety and depression I have THC infused gummies that I pop into my mouth throughout the day. I was relieved when my state finally offered legal recreational cannabis. I have suffered from insomnia, anxiety and depression for years. I just sort of dealt with it on my own. Going to the doctors would be […]

CBD products to reduce stress

I have always been a really intense and high energy person. It has helped me reach due dates at work, lead projects and be a manager of a small team of people. I can plan a trip without any problem and I always show up on time to events. That kind of high energy means […]

Arthritis relief with cannabis

As I have gotten older I have developed soreness, pain and stiffness in my hands. At first I thought I had overworked my hands due to my job. I work online, typing on a computer all day. I also paint, garden, and like to knit in my spare time. My fingers and hands get a […]