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There are many medical uses for CBD oil

It’s unfortunate how many people suffer from chronic pain. I have watched several family members go down the road of getting injections in their spine as well as taking opiate pain killers to get through the morning without wanting to hurt themselves. There are instances where someone can stay on the same dose for years […]

The sale prices were too good to be true

I decided to order marijuana supplies from a strange shop on Tuesday; I was looking at all of the specials online plus I found a cannabis shop that was offering 25% off all items in the store. I carefully went through the online shopping cart plus added a couple of things; The total for my […]

Less tremors now with use of medical cannabis

The tremors came on sort of slowly when I was in my early 60’s. But, I kind of knew intuitively that I was dealing with something other than typical shakes. A few years later I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s & it wasn’t exactly a relaxing shock. What was shocking to me was that medical marijuana […]