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Brother got me started in growing

Believe it or not, my brother was the first person who introduced me to marijuana growing. It’s not like he was a big hippie or a drug addict. Actually, it was a bit of the opposite really. My brother was a political guy, church going as well as held a steady job with the same […]

Family has always grown pot

I’m a seventh generation pot farming legacy. My great folks came to this section of the country many years ago to be free. They wanted to live in a space where there was no war as well as they could make the rules. And quite realistically, they wanted to do marijuana growing on their own. […]

Getting into building grow rooms

It’s always good to be the boss. That is a bit funny because I was never one to work in a big corporation. So many years ago, I went out on my own as well as started a building corporation. The crew of us build mostly new buildings as well as high end production machines. […]

Hoping to get to a growing stage

I considered myself a cannabis lover. Cannabis cultivation has been a love of mine for much of my adult life. I prefer the cool parts of marijuana growing. Watching generations of my hybrids turn out so amazing has been a big source of pride. However, I don’t think I’m going to quit my day job […]

Buying marijuana is new for me

Buying marijuana is a whole new thing for me. I never smoked marijuana in high school or college, and even using it at all in any form or fashion is a totally new experience for me personally. Recently, though, I’ve really been getting into using different kinds of recreational cannabis. There is a recreational cannabis […]

Need medical weed to sleep

I am one of the worst sleepers ever. I am so restless. I can’t seem to close my eyes, relax and fall asleep. I know I am going to be laying there a minimum of two hours trying to relax. I also know I will wake up at least once in the middle of the […]

Trying to get him off prescription pills

My brother has always been mentally fragile. He was the most sensitive one out of all my brothers. He had behavioral problems in school and took my parents divorce hard. My brother then started spirling out of control once he left home. He found help in the form of prescription pills. Quickly he began abusing […]