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Finding out all about edibles

I think I would have used a lot more recreational marijuana back in the day if I’d had a smokeless option. But aside from a neighbors bad attempt at pot brownies, that just wasn’t to be the case. Instead, if I wanted to use marijuana, I had to smoke it. And I really enjoyed recreational […]

CBG has neuroprotective capabilities

It has been difficult watching a close family member succumb to dementia. My step father was a huge part of my life, as he was often the person that came to watch me perform in music recitals at school when my mother was too sick to leave the house. He also imparted a love of […]

Chronic pain after gymnastics

I did gymnastics in college plus just enjoyed it; However, there is a lot of pressure to have more hard tumbling plus do riskier stunts. I pushed our body past its breaking point a lot. I tried a resting tuck before I was ready. I ended up freaking out mid air plus landing on our […]

Using cannabis to treat nausea

I will admit I fibbed a bit when I got a medical marijuana card; I easily needed medical cannabis due to nausea. I would feel sick in the day and then late at evening after supper. I tried working out, eating healthier and less fats. It didn’t seem to help. I would get violently sick […]

Medical weed so I can fly

It is just vapor that is going into the air. I recently got a promotion at labor that required myself and others to travel, and i get super worried on aircrafts. I start to sweat, panic and get a little shaky, then unluckyly some of the locations that labor wanted to send myself and others […]

Medical weed so I can fly

I recently got a promotion at work that required me to travel! I get super anxious on airplanes. I start to sweat, panic plus get a little shaky! Unluckyly some of the locations that work wanted to send me to are not straight-forward to drive to. I had to get over my fear of flying, […]