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The delivery driver forgot my CBD supplies

I called the weed shop on Tuesday afternoon to place an order for delivery. I used to order online, but they were always out of products. I find it much easier to call and talk to a budtender about my order. If something is out of stock, I can simply change the order on the […]

The sale prices were too wonderful to be true

I decided to order marijuana supplies from a unusual shop on Monday, but i was looking at all of the specials online & I found a cannabis shop that was offering 25% off all items in the store. I carefully went through the online shopping cart & added a couple of things, the total for […]

Less tremors now with use of medical cannabis

The tremors came on sort of slowly when I was in our early 60’s. But, I kind of knew intuitively that I was dealing with something other than proper shakes. A few years later I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and it wasn’t exactly a great shock. What was shocking to myself and others was that […]

A trip to the cannabis dispensary aids in my cancer fight

Even though I was still reeling from hearing the word cancer coming from my doctor, I still have a vivid memory of that moment. I believe we all tend to catalogue certain moments in our lives. One thing I remember legitimately clearly was the doctor emphasizing the importance of medical marijuana. It’s strange the things […]

Beautiful sleep the result of medical marijuana

I forgot just how fantastic sleep is. That’s because I have gone so long without it. With the discovery of medical cannabis I’m getting that sweet sleep once again. I have clinical insomnia which has ruled my life for the last nearly 3 years. It’s the worst. If I sleep at all on my own, […]

Glaucoma pressure gets some natural help

There are a few things my dad plus I share. The people I was with and I both have bald heads but nice teeth. And both of us both have a genetic predisposition to have high intraocular pressure which could lead to glaucoma. I started having to get checked a couple of times a year […]