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I only have one legal cannabis store near me

My city council is notably conservative like the rest of our state. Our local music scene was eradicated by noise ordinance laws. They restricted all noise in bars and clubs so low that it made it impossible for several sites to stay in business without constantly breaking the law. Worst of all, the local police […]

What strain is the best?

Cannabis plants come in a variety of strains… There are two common strain profiles known as indica plus sativa. Indica plants tend to have more of a sedative plus exhausted effect. They are perfect for pain relief plus best used at bedtime. Sativa plants give energy plus creativity. Sativa strains are known to make users […]

We should be getting recreational cannabis soon

A couple of years back, after years of back-and-forth among powers that be plus powers that just wanted to be, the state legislature finally passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana. Almost immediately, trouble began. A large percentage of the population was actually against it, plus the law had a lot of caveats in it. […]