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The great summer break with weed

Summer break 4 years ago was absolutely the best time of my life. I spent a full summer at the beach, getting wild every single night and soaking up sun in the water every single day. I had our buddies with me, all of us were single and wanted to have as much fun as […]

Love that new cannabis cafe

I am not well known for trying new things. When I find something I care about I stick with it. My first car in high school was a cavalier, and I drove that thing for more than seven years. When it finally quit, you know what car I purchased next? That’s right, I purchased another […]

Introduction to my cannabis dispensary

Marijuana edibles are absolutely beautiful to myself and others given that I just don’t really enjoy smoking anything or even be around smoke I know it is good that our nation is finally seeing the light when it comes to cannabis use. For too many years, marijuana information was filled with myths and misinformation in […]

My Sativa cannabis is what keeps me going

I have basically always wanted a locale on the beach, plus now I truly have it. It isn’t my dream house or anything. In fact it is a small residence near the water with 1 dining room, 1 powder room, plus 1 main room that serves as a living room plus an entertainment area. The […]

I love smoking a lot of cannabis everyday

Well, not while I am at the grill, of course, however in between tickets my boss is alright with my popping into the alley for a little cannabis smoke break I have basically always wanted a place on the beach, and now I have it. It isn’t my dream house at all, in fact it […]

My neighbor pays me good money to shop for him

My neighbor is pretty much a recluse. He says he is a famous writer, however won’t tell me his actual name because he wants to be anonymous. Personally I don’t recognize he is famous at all, he is just an aged kook. I do have a soft spot for aged kooks though, so it doesn’t […]