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Why do I want THC?

It is annoying that our friends from a different state only want to visit for our weed. They all act like they want to see me, but I think it is just for marijuana. They find it so awesome they can buy cannabis flower, smoke at our house as well as get high. Since I […]

I love going to the cannabis cafe

I have a sort of internal calendar and clock that keeps track of just when I can make another visit to the cannabis cafe. And this calendar I have in my head plus my heart does not let me forget any appointments at the cannabis cafe. I’m deeply grateful for this internal calendar plus the […]

A Burn out gets some help from cannabis products

I was well aware that I was in dangerous territory. There were some warning signs along the way and I chose to completely ignore them. My medical professional was sad for multiple years before I finally sort of collapsed. I had gotten burned out to the point that I had almost burned up entirely. Thanks […]

It’s time for a weed delivery this weekend

I’m still wrapping our mind around the fact that I can legally go shopping for marijuana for sale. That’s not something that I thought I would ever live to see. But when some brave regions out west did medicinal marijuana so well, I got a little bit hopeful. There were just no concerns when the […]

Sharing some weed with a new friend

We’ve all been there. And most of us can same the same thing. We’ve seen just how random life can be plus how equally cruel it can be as well. When you’ve had life unload on you, I guess it’s nice to be ready to lend a helping hand whenever you see it happening to […]

I’m a much better athlete due to using cannabis

It’s such good fun when I freak out our new workout partners. It’s usually pretty easy. Normally I will wait til I’m driving to the workout. Once we’ve put in our effort to be better tennis players, I prefer to make a short detour on the ride home. I say I’m just ducking into a […]

It’s a brand new day thanks to cannabis

I’ve lived an absolutely conventional life up until the last 2 years. That normal, hard working life gave me a lot of hard times really. I did what I thought I needed to do as opposed to what I believed was right. That’s where I went wrong. While the adolescents were enjoying recreational marijuana when […]