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Got freaked out by my first time

When I was in my freshman year of college, I tried marijuana for the first time. It was a mistake trying weed with a seasoned marijuana user. My friend Donny had a bong that had a plastic bag over the top to capture the smoke. That apparatus apparently made the high come quicker, harder and […]

I now sneak it with an edible

I am a fan of cannabis, no matter the form. I like taking an indica to wind me down before bed. I like that I feel mellow calm and it is more of a body high. I used to smoke either a joint or through my vape at night before bed. Now that I have […]

Medical weed for anxiety

I have always suffered from anxiety, but it has gotten worse as I have aged. It used to be a pain in the butt when it would flare up. I would practice good breathing and sometimes take some pills. Then my anxiety got to the point that driving to work was a problem. I had […]

Too embarrassed to go into the recreational weed shop

My mother is going through menopause and experiences trouble sleeping from time to time. The hot flashes are frequent and intense. She sweats through her sheets and clothing at least every other day. My mother read online that marijuana could really help her hot flashes. Recreational weed could lessen the severity and how often the […]

No car and there is delivery now

I work totally online and because of that, I got rid of my car. It seemed like the right thing to do. Why was I paying for car repairs, oil changes and gas on a vehicle I hardly used? I didn’t need to drive to work anymore. I also could do most things online. I […]

COVID Has Changed Some Things for the Better

There are aspects of COVID that are pure misery. The whole people getting sick plus dying thing is a big letdown of coure. Selfishly, I am sick of the virus because there are no fine movies out plus going anywhere fun isn’t undoubtedly possible. I also deal with reduced menus at local restaurants plus most […]

Medical Cannabis Delivery is Best Option

There are aspects of COVID that are horrible. The whole people getting sick and dying thing is horrific. Selfishly, I do not like the virus because there are no fantastic films out and I can’t go to the mall. I also hate the reduced menus at my favorite diners and most of the bars are […]