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If they want to throw down, I can put up a fight

I always park my food truck on the corner of Main Street, across from the recreational marijuana dispensary. I have been parking my food truck right here for the past eight months or so, and I have never had any problems. In fact, I have a deal with a recreational marijuana dispensary across the street. […]

I broke the store rules this 1 time

When I started working for this dispensary, 1 of the main rules was not to deliver your friends or family a discount. This rule was frequently used for all of the current budtenders when I was starting out. I suppose they had many concerns with people giving out marijuana for free. The manager told us […]

The 10:1 CBD gummies taste so much better

CBD and THC products have completely changed my entire life. I did not assume that medical marijuana would be able to help me with all of my anxiety and panic attacks. When I moved to a recreational marijuana-friendly state, I had not used marijuana in over 20 years. I briefly smoked some pot while I […]

They did not have any one dollar grams

The guy got myself and others a couple of grams of weed to make up for the loss, but that has the last time I will offer to take someone to the dispensary after work Tuesday is my favorite morning of each week, mostly because it is the 1 morning of the week when the […]

Cannabis is a major area of our lifestyle now

My spouse and I had to move into a mobile lifestyle when the coronavirus became an issue with our work and our lifestyle, but both my spouse and myself could not work at the restaurant. Also I did not want to go to the factory everyday; They legitimately weren’t doing anything to help confrontation the […]